Jeoffrey Best...

is the former official Shaq Paq Correspondent for retired NBA Superstar, Shaquille O’Neal.

Jeoffrey Best was born in a North Hollywood mansion, turned Boys Home. His parents were surrogates to six delinquent teenagers. He became a symbol of hope as a baby; and an inspiration & motivation by 15 years old, as recognized by a Commendation from President Bill Clinton. Jeoffrey’s sports writing ability and talent rivaled any professional twice his age.

Jeoffrey achieved all of his goals by 18; including early entrance to college at 16, but he became ill with a brain disorder. He takes medication to manage his condition. His new book, “Sports Disciplines” expresses achievement through values and character.

Wende Best...

is the Author of “Become Yourself” Workbook Student Journal, and other manuals, with background in art, multi-media, radio, and stage production.

Wende Best grew up in an idealistic community of 1950’s Los Angeles, California… A planned community of black Architect of the Stars, Paul Revere Williams. She learned and lived those values and character traits which she teaches through her knowledge of African – Adinkra Symbols. Ms. Best – Ghost Writer to the Stars, writes plays, poetry, and songs. Her television work includes (classic archives): PBN-TV – Progress Into The 21st Century, educational outreach, featuring JPL-NASA and ESA (Europe) Ulysses Mission. She is the only Video Game Designer, 70 years young, to apply these unique experiences plus skills to video game development.


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