09 Feb 2019

Creativity In Video Games

No end to great ideas!

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Designers are often inspired by games from their youth that are current motivators. Motivation means that action will follow. We will continue to see remakes, sequels, prequels and episodes of favorite games in order to satisfy the fans. Gamers live in these worlds and become one with the characters.

There are high expectations for video game content. Besides the many types of games from cartoons to epic adventures, people want to see something new and different. 3D is exciting and promising to bring new levels of chills and thrills. Yet, the tech is developing slower than anticipated in some circles. New releases have partial 3D and shades of 3D art. The total immersion of a player into a fantasy world is appreciated and encouraged by the industry pressure for the bigger, better, production values.

The main impact on game scenarios is the military. There is wide spread and far reaching influences for combat oriented gaming. The challenge is to keep it fascinating for a short attention span. The same questions of influence for destructiveness will be argued this year as before. The answers are within individuals designing, developing, buying, distributing, and playing.


Creativity is a term that continues to evolve. The thing that had a special appeal just a few years ago may be considered standard and regular features today. So, how do designers innovate new approaches. Sometimes personal experience is the oldest resource but the newest theme.
Something other than war can be instructive to behaviors. Positive and uplifting is not only for females! The world has changed since our parents and grandparents era. It is reflected in gaming. On the other side of creativity is the concept that everything old can be new again. The full circle experience is still valid.
Depressing moods and serious problems are portrayed dramatically, however, silly, happy and carefree never goes out of style!.
Mind bending, fanciful and futuristic, are constantly evolving in video games to our delight. The accomplishment that games are interactive in one way or another proves that designers can find common ground with the audience and deliver something with a fresh twist to it.
Games can mentor while entertaining. It certainly takes up time and energy to play. What is your mind occupied with ? . How are you engaging your time, feelings and intellect?

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