09 Jan 2019

Innovative Leadership Is Ushering In A New Era Of Video Games

The unorthodox team that runs JBWB GAMES is focused on "values and
character" based games which help educate the masses.

JBWB GAMES isn’t your average game developer. Not only is every aspect of their business
modeled to help people learn valuable skills and lessons, but the team who runs the business is
an unconventional mother, son duo. This new and exciting game developer/publisher was
founded with innovative leadership at its core. Everything they make is painstakingly designed
to help a wide ranging audience discover new ways to work on and improve their values and
character. But to truly understand the full goals of JBWB GAMES, you first have to understand
exactly who runs the show.


Jeoffrey Best and his mother Wende Best have been working together for many years, but video games recently become their primary focus. Wende Best is a respected elder in her community, known for many years of work giving other people the tools they need to discover their true selves. This includes her well received self help handbook entitled, the Become Yourself Workbook. Her new position as a 70+ years young game designer and developer puts her in
a very unique position to see problems and opportunities that others may completely miss.
Jeoffrey Best is the heart and soul of JBWB GAMES. He’s always been an advanced thinker

earning respect for his ideas and point of view from an early age. But his advocacy and passion has recently shifted toward the medium of video games as a means of informing others. His vision and perspective is truly the driving force behind the games produced by JBWB GAMES.
Jeoffrey Best is the Father of For and Against Fighting Style in video games. The values and character building highlighted by each title comes straight from Jeoffrey’s experience and interpretation. Reminding people how to live their best life while remaining true to themselves is something that both Jeoffrey and Wende strongly advocate for in their games.

What’s Coming Next

While there is planning for a continuous release of games, we currently have three
Correspondent Game sub-titles and DLC:
The first release is Correspondent Game – Dedication To Ghana, which focuses on Year Of
Return 2019. It serves as a dedication to the President of Ghana, Akufo Addo, who led the
charge on this effort to get a portion of the diaspora to return to Africa.

Correspondent Game – Complete has a surprise ending! Correspondent Game – Mo’ Monsters places the Gamer in a battle against the monsters of Greed, Envy, Hatred, Stealing, and Lies. (These monsters originated in JBWB GAMES original story of Hip-Hop Shooter.) They share thematic and narrative qualities. It is the same game world. Battling the non-human monsters teaches Players how to confront their own poor choices, helping ultimately to make the world a better place!

by John Alois

JBWB GAMES Streamer & Blogger


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