09 Feb 2019

Next Level: Las Vegas Video Gaming

Vegas is the place!

Las Vegas, 06.06.2017, 17:36 Time

Las Vegas hosts more Video Game Conferences every year that provide opportunities for Indy game designers, developers and publishers.

The Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas on the famous Fremont Street Experience is newly redesigned and dedicated to the so called “Nerd” culture, and video gaming in particular. It has an arcade, night club and e-sports plus media outlet.

Video gamers, streamers, and programmers regularly meet and socialize in Vegas as it becomes the new center for game development.

Game testers are also a growing group, as a vital part of the industry. Every consumer wants a flawless product to enjoy.

With all of the energy and creativity that is required for a successful launch of a new video game producer, Vegas is the perfect home base and networking area for entrepreneurs.

The major studios and game releases are side by side with Indy developers in successful game releases. Teams can consist of a hundred people working on a new game blockbuster, or a talented Indy team creating a classic with just a designer, programmer, illustrator and executive.

The supply and demand of the fascinating and entertaining plus technology leading to more 3D tricks, music and interesting characters plus powerful stories, make video gaming the next level of interest, money and power in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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